Our Mission and Values

We are a charity helping ex-offenders and disadvantaged people to change their lives.

Our purpose

We believe strongly offenders have the power and will to change provided they are given the right support and that offenders themselves can be at the centre of that support. We want to see a society where an offender’s capacity to change is recognised and they and others facing complex barriers are given the opportunity and encouragement to turn their lives around. This kind of society will lead to safer communities and help to prevent the next generation from becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

Our solution

Our purpose will best be achieved by placing offenders and those facing other complex barriers at the centre of the solution. Our Peer Advisor programme underpins our vision, enabling those we work with to become qualified and motivated workers within the organisation. Their first-hand experience of clients’ issues benefits both them and the clients they work with and has been proven to reduce levels of offending.

Our values

• We will be non-judgemental and open minded
• We will empower our clients to lead positive lives
• We will give everyone a chance to make the positive change which we believe they are capable of making
• We will communicate openly and honestly and do what we say we will do
• We will be persistent and never give up on the people we work with
• We will work empathically with people
• We will work flexibly, creatively and adapt to circumstances as they arise