What makes us different

Support from someone who has been there

Someone who has been there themselves knows exactly how hard it can be to make positive changes when you are held back by disadvantages such as homelessness, long-term unemployment, a criminal record or addictions. Furthermore, people who have successfully overcome barriers become inspirational role models to other people looking to make a fresh start. Here at St Giles Trust, we harness this passion for change. We have a long and proven track record of putting former service users at the heart of our services through training them to become professional, qualified advice workers through our Peer Advisor Programme.

Individually tailored and flexible services

We know that the problems our clients face are complex, messy and do not fit into neat boxes. Therefore, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with tailored solutions that meet their needs – not ours or those of other people. We work in close collaboration with a range of other agencies so we ensure our clients are properly linked into other services and support them to make effective use of them.

Long term support

Many of our clients say other services stopped working with them too soon. Quick fix solutions do not help the most disadvantaged clients and complex problems are not solved overnight. We offer long-term support to address the reasons behind someone’s offending and disadvantage. We help them gain the right attitudes and life skills to become independent and make a positive contribution to society.

Helping the people excluded from other services

St Giles Trust has a long history of helping the most disadvantaged, socially excluded individuals that often fall through the gaps in state services or are turned away from them due to their chaotic lifestyles. By using our Peer Advisors who offer highly credible services, we are able to help people with multiple and complex needs who are often known to multiple services but not actually benefitting from them.