Our Strategic Plan – 2016-2019

Our services put our clients – people with first-hand experience of overcoming disadvantage – at the heart of the solution. We train them to use their skills and experience to help others through our Peer Advisor Programme. Around one-third of our staff are former service users who now support other disadvantaged people to make similar changes. We aim to provide flexible, tailor-made services which are driven by the needs presented by the people we are trying to help. Typically, this involves helping people with accommodation, accessing other services, improving skills and assisting people in their search for employment. A large part of the role of our caseworkers involves closing the gaps left by other services, advocating on behalf of their clients to ensure that a comprehensive package of support is in place. Our experience tells us that our clients have four key areas of need for us to help them address when resettling their lives. These needs are:

  • Somewhere to live
  • Something to live for
  • Support from someone who has been there
  • Positive relationships

Ultimately, we aim to equip our clients with the skills to live independent lives.

Our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan sets out our approach to our work and how we see our services developing in the future. It can be downloaded and printed here.