Reports and evaluations into St Giles Trust

St Giles Trust is committed to measuring the impact of our work and evaluating the approaches we take.

Annual Review and Accounts

Our most recent Annual Review can be downloaded here and our Statement of Accounts for 2016/17 can be downloaded here

In August 2017 JM Consulting launched an evaluation they had undertaken into our prison-based Peer Advisor Programme. The full report can be downloaded here.

Evaluation into our Peer To The Future Programme.

This evaluation from PwC looked at our Peer To The Future Programme supporting prison leavers in Leeds. PwC concluded the programme delivered £8.54 in societal returns for every £1 invested in the programme. Click here to download a copy of the report.

Evaluation into The Choices Programme

Pro Bono Economics initiated an evaluation into our HSBC supported Choices Programme helping disadvantaged young people into employment and training. The evaluation concluded that this employability support delivered a £4 return to the public purse for every £1 invested in Choices. Clear here to read the full report and here to read a summary version of its findings.

Evaluation into SOS+

An evaluation by Coventry University into SOS+ has found that it helped change young people’s attitudes towards gangs. Click here to download a copy of the evaluation.

Evaluation into peer-led resettlement support in Leeds.

A 2014/15 study by The Social Innovation Partnership into Peer To The Future - our Leeds based resettlement service for men leaving HMP Leeds - has concluded that the use of trained ex-offenders and seamless support 'through the gates' was particularly effective in addressing the factors known to increase the likelihood of someone re-offending. Download the summary of the report here and the full report here

Evaluation into our SOS Gangs Project

A 2013/14 study by The Social Innovation Partnership into our SOS Project uncovered the benefits of using specially trained former gang members. Click here to download a summary and the full report

Peer-led support helps offenders to resettle

Through NIACE's Community Learning Innovation Fund, we have been able to provide support to ex-offenders and their families through our established model of peer-led projects. This London-based project aimed to provide unaccredited and accredited learning opportunities for adult learners. Download the report here.

Support for vulnerable women leaving prison

An evaluation into our WIRE service helping vulnerable women prison leavers with a history of persistent offending found the service halved the re-offending rate amongst the women in the sample.
A summary of the findings can be downloaded here and the full report can be downloaded here.

Evaluation into Through the Gates

A groundbreaking economic analysis into our Through the Gates service was carried out in 2009. The service supported high-medium risk offenders leaving prison returning to London and many of the team delivering the support were trained ex-offenders themselves. The study concluded that for every £1 invested in this service, £10 in savings to the taxpayer was achieved. A narrative study into the findings can be downloaded here and the full report can be downloaded here.

Walking the Talk – the benefits of Peer Advice

A cost-benefit analysis into our Peer Advice Model was carried out by Frontier Economics in 2010. It looked at the costs of training peer advisors and costs of advising their clients against the cost benefits of both in terms of improved employment, training and education prospects and reductions in benefit claims. It concluded that the Peer Advice Project delivered at least £5 in public benefits for every £1 invested in the service. The full report can be downloaded here.

The benefits of early intervention

Frontier Economics was commissioned by the St Giles Trust to carry out a study exploring the potential benefits of preventative interventions aimed at troubled families. St Giles Trust’s Barclays supported Gamechangers project helps marginalised families to break the cycles of crime, poverty and unemployment they often face. Download the findings of the study here.

In 2009, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation commissioned the Institute for Criminal Policy Research to carry out a qualitative evaluation into our Peer Advice Project. It can be downloaded here.

In 2008/9 an evaluation into the initial stages of our Through The Gates service was carried out. The report can be downloaded here.