What We Do

St Giles Trust aims to help break the cycle of prison, crime and disadvantage and create safer communities by supporting people to change their lives.
Our services put reformed ex-of...

Work in prisons

From our award-winning Peer Advice Project to providing housing support under prison HIAS services, St Giles Trust offers a wide range of support to help people in prison and prepare for ...

The SOS Project

We provide a range of high quality services to help young people move their lives forward, helping with employment and breaking free from crime.

Services for women in the criminal justice system

Our Women's Services offer tailored support for women in prison and in the community looking to rebuild their lives and support their families.

Support for children and families

When one person gets involved in the criminal justice system, the impact is felt on the whole family. We provide support to these children and families.

Skills and employment support

We provide a comprehensive package of services to help people improve their skills and increase their chances of getting a job.

St Giles Trust Ipswich

We offer support to people with convictions in the community in Ipswich through Working Out

St Giles Trust Cymru

St Giles Trust Cymru works in conjunction with HMP Cardiff to help serving prisoners and ex-offenders resettle. This is three-year project, initially launched in 2013.

Housing services

Having somewhere safe and stable to live is essential for our clients to be able to move their lives forward. Housing support is the biggest area of need our clients need our help with.

St Giles Trust in Yorkshire

This service works in partnership with West Yorkshire Probation Trust to help ex-offenders find work and also provides support for young people through our HSBC supported Choices project.

The ONE Service

This service supports short sentenced male prisoners by offering early engagement, through and beyond the gate and individualised support in the community to address needs and prevent re-...

Our committment to the environment

St Giles Trust is committed to promoting sustainable working practices across St Giles Trust

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About Choices

Funded by HSBC, Choices helps young people into work, education and training through helping them overcome any barrier which might be holding them back.

Businesses tell of their best employees - ex-offenders

Introduced by Sir Richard Branson, a new campaign film made for St Giles Trust tells why ex-offenders should not be barred from the workplace.

Why ex-offenders are the best ones to help others reform

25 February 2014
Find out why Lord Phillips, Sir Bernard Hogan Howe and others believe in putting ex-offenders at the centre of the solution