Young people in Islington steered clear from crime

This summer, we will be working with Islington Council to help tackle youth crime in the borough.

Workers from our SOS Project will be carrying out assertive outreach with young people at risk in hotspot areas in the borough. They will be working on Fridays and Saturday nights to keep young people engaged with positive activities and steered away from crime and anti-social behaviour.

Summer holidays are often a risky time for areas affected by youth crime. Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds may not have families who can afford to go away and keep them occupied, leading the possibility of negative peer pressure and the behaviour that results from it.

The work comes as part of Islington’s recently launched Youth Crime Plan.

Our workers will bring a mix of first-hand experience to bear as they are from similar backgrounds to the young people they will help.

Our Community Services Manager Bernie Kastner said: “We are pleased to be working with Islington Council to bring our expertise and highly credible team to help keep young people diverted from crime and anti-social behaviour. Our approach of using those who have ‘been there’ themselves means they can engage the most excluded young people, effectively challenge negative thinking and behaviour where necessary and offer the right support when it is needed.”

Councillor Joe Caluori, Executive Member for Children and Families in Islington, said: “We've seen reductions in first time entrants into the criminal justice system and we will continue to invest more than any other London Borough in services for young people.”